In this section there are some comprehensive articles relating to the Regiment's history, both that of the 17th Century one and of our re-enacting 20th/21st Century one.  

One thing you must know about us is our nickname 'The Lambs', but why have we got it?


There are two possible answers - firstly it is possible that Sir William Lambton was the Colonel of Newcastle's own regiment and the name comes from Lambton's coat of arms.

The other reason may come from this little story: 

The Earl of Newcastle needed woollen cloth to make more soldiers' coats, but could not in the midst of the English Civil War source the red wool that he wanted and instead had to use the natural undyed wool. His soldiers are reputed to have said "Do not worry Sir, we will dye them red in the blood of our enemy!"

Most of us prefer this explanation and today you will see Newcastle's proudly wearing their whitecoats on the field!