Getting to events

When you become a member, you will have access to the Warning Order for each event which includes directions (and postcode for Sat Nav) to the DSC07815webcampsite. As you get closer to the site, look out for the black and white SK signs.

The Guard Tent

This is manned by a rotation of volunteers from the Sealed Knot and on entry to the campsite will be the first contact you have.  They will check your membership cards (which you will need to show each time you re-enter the campsite) and give you a plastic bag for rubbish and a gate handout leaflet with key information about timings over the weekend for the battle, pre-battle displays, cameos or marches. It will also include local information such as the nearest supermarkets, vets, hospitals and SK friendly pubs!


Each Sealed Knot campsite is unique!  We have been in some fantastic locations, such as the grounds of Wentworth Castle, the Blenheim estate and Sherborne Castle with some lovely views. But you need to expect very basic facilities - just a field, a water point, an elsan point for caravans and portable loos!  There are rarely showers although sometimes we have camped on sports pitches and had the use of their facilities.   

We have a mixture of caravans and tents, so bring what you have!