Metsu WasherwomanWe try to get things as right as we can and are constantly learning and developing our 'kit' - the clothing and equipment we use.

A phrase you will often hear is 'no mixed kit' - this means that you don't wear a period item (eg soldier's coat) with a modern one (eg jeans).  On Living History we make sure all modern equipment is kept well hidden (such as plastic bags used to carry food for cooking)

Help, support and advice is given to new members and there are also a number of interesting and informative books for those who want to get sewing as well as a wealth of art which can give us clues about the period.

by Dutch painter Gabriël Metsu 1629 -1667
(believed to have been painted in the first half of the 17th century - wikimedia


Some of the books we recommend:

The Modern Maker by Mathew Gnagy available on Amazon: click here to go to page

Seventeenth Century Women's Dress Patterns (Vol 1) by Jenny Tiramani: Amazon: click here to go to page  

Patterns of Fashion 4: the cut and construction of linen shirts, smocks,neckwear, headwear and accessories for men and women c. 1540-1660 by Janet Arnold - Amazon: click here to go to page